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Jiffy Bags & Padded Mailers

Using printed Jiffy bags (otherwise known as padded mailers, bubble bags, bubble lined envelopes, bubble envelopes, padded envelopes etc) for sending out product samples or small delicate goods, is a great way to strengthen your brand, and offers a compromise between protection and convenience.

What is a jiffy bag or padded mailer?

Whatever you choose to call it, jiffy bags or padded mailers are essentially a paper envelope with either a plastic bubble lining or macerated paper padding to provide a cushioned envelope that gives added protection during posting.

These padded/bubble envelopes are commonly used for fragile items or other odd shaped items where a normal envelope wouldn't be quite strong enough.

The most common bubble bag we print on is a white peel and seal bubble bag, and is available in the following sizes (measured internally):

163mm x 98mm

213mm x 118mm

213mm x 148mm

228mm x 228mm

263mm x 178mm

263mm x 218mm

338mm x 218mm

338mm x 238mm

348mm x 348mm

358mm x 268mm

443mm x 298mm

468mm x 348mm

(Please note we cannot currently supply or print on black jiffy bags)

If you require larger, or just different sizes, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Why get printed jiffy bags?

Printed jiffy bags or padded mailers can help you get the maximum ROI (return on investment) from your packaging. 

Here's how. Printing your bubble bags can save you time. Maybe you currently stick a label on each envelope with your business logo and contact details. Maybe you spend hours standing at a franking machine and attaching postage labels.... sounding familiar?

Printing your bubble bags also gives your brand a greater impact on your audience - and it won't only be the recipient who see's and notices your brand/logo. The more they see your logo, the more it'll be remembered!

What's more, sending your samples out in a printed jiffy bag, or printed bubble bag, over against a plain one, gives a much more professional appearance. An excellent way to increase your brand impact! After all, first impressions count......

In addition, choosing to send your brochures or samples in a printed jiffy bag, will give a lot more protection overagainst a standard envelope, while not compromising on the image you wish to convey.

What can you print on jiffy bags?

We can print whatever you like (within reason obviously)! Mailmarque can print your company logo, return address details, and even your companies PPI onto your chosen padded envelopes, so you don't have to.

The most important thing is to show off your logo - choose a prominent place on the jiffy bag to print your logo or trademark, so it catches your recipients eye.


Printing a return address on the flap of the padded mailer will ensure that should your package get lost, it doesn't disappear into oblivion.

Having your PPI printed directly onto the jiffy bag will save you endless time printing franking labels, or visiting the post office at the end of each day.

You could also print a cheerful catchy strapline, or a message of thanks on the front or back of the jiffy bag to grab your recipients attention. Alternatively, you could use the space to print technical specification details or installation instructions depending on what you are intending to us the jiffy bags for. 

We can also print from a database, so if you have a large mailing to send out, all you need to do is send us the database of addresses, and we can print these directly onto the jiffy bag. 

Ask us about more options for custom printed jiffy bags, or contact us for a quick quote now.

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